Space in Titusville

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Space View Park
Space View Park is the first and only park in America that honors astronauts and the men and women who helped America lead the world in space exploration. Throughout the park you can walk through the history of space and compare your handprints to those of Mercury astronauts. This park is also a prime spot to watch a rocket launch. Get there early and settle in as you watch the rocket soar into the sky.

Gemini Monument
The Gemini Monument was completed and dedicated on November 7, 1997. The Gemini Logo is constructed from stainless steel and stands 12′ high x 8′ wide. It is mounted on a 9′ tall black granite base which is 13′ x 7′. The logo mounting legs are 16″ tall which provides a total monument height of 22′-4″.

Veterans Memorial Park
This memorial, dedicated to “All Veterans of All Wars,” consists of an 80-foot Circle of Memories. It is comprised of ten granite monuments which are dedicated to our nation’s major conflicts from the American Revolution through the Viet Nam War and includes Desert Storm. The Peace Monument is the first monument you encounter at the entrance to the circle. On the other side are our memorials to the Tuskegee Airmen and the S.S. Leopoldville tragedy.